Clothing and textile materials can not only be carriers of micro-organisms but also are good media for the growth of micro-organisms. When microbes grow to high numbers in clothing and textiles, they can cause unwanted odor and trigger allergic reactions.

LIFE offers the technology that can be permanently incorporated into synthetic fibers and polymeric material extrusion to durably eliminate unwanted odors from apparel and footwear and deliver supply chain flexibility. LIFE technology delivers better durability compared to competing technologies and delivers antibacterial and antifungal efficacy through dyeing of the treated fiber or foam.

LIFE has developed an antimicrobial textile treatment that durably binds effective antimicrobial ingredients to textiles and leather. The treatment, which lasts through multiple launderings, is applied during the dyeing or finishing of textiles, and during the tanning process for leather. LIFE additives can also be permanently incorporated into synthetic fibers extrusion stage.

LIFE surface finishes for textiles and leather can be applied to all types of fiber constructions and are compatible with most finishing agents, including flame retardant finishes and all resin systems and softeners normally used in textile finishing.

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