Technical Support

LIFE engineers will work with you to develop custom antimicrobial solutions based on your product and material specifications and unique manufacturing set-up. Our target is that the addition of LIFE antimicrobial technology should not negatively affect any physical properties of your product. If important for the product development process, we will visit your plant to make sure we select the most suitable technology from our offerings. LIFE offers the widest selection of both organic and inorganic antimicrobial systems available in the marketplace.

As an important part of the product development process, LIFE works with the customer and third party laboratories to confirm antimicrobial efficacy and durability using globally recognized test protocols including ASTM, ISO, JIS, GB and AATCC. LIFE’s antimicrobial solutions typically last for the lifetime of the customer’s product.

On an ongoing basis, LIFE offers remote and on-site technical support and troubleshooting regardless of your location in the world. Our strategically based teams of sales agents and distributors are always on standby, and our engineers also work with your materials in our laboratory pilot facilities.

LIFE is an innovation leader in the antimicrobial materials industry. You can be assured that, as a customer, you will get first access to our new products and innovations and lifetime support of your products.

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