Enhance the cleanliness of medical surfaces between cleanings

Durably incorporating antimicrobial technology within medical equipment surfaces enhances the cleanliness of high touch surfaces between cleaning and disinfection.

There are already high numbers of microbes in hospitals. Professionals in the healthcare environment are concerned with the danger of passing infections from ward to ward by contaminated equipment. Antimicrobial medical equipment reduces the risk of passing on harmful bacteria from one to another.

Once incorporated into the material, the LIFE ingredients inhibit the growth of microorganisms that come in contact with the material, providing the product with built-in antimicrobial protection. Because the LIFE technology is built-in during the manufacturing stage and is not applied as a surface finish, it provides continuous protection for the useful life of the product.

Medical, Pharmaceutical and Biotechnological Applications

Certain microbes can help us in the fight against other microbes. In human and veterinary medicine, that are used to treat and prevent infectious diseases, microbes are a source of antibiotics and vaccines.

  • Antibiotics are substances produced by microorganisms that kill or inhibit other microbes which are used in the treatment of infectious disease. Antibiotics are produced in nature by molds such as Penicillin and bacteria such as Streptomycin and Bacillus.
  • Vaccines are substances derived from microorganisms and are used to immunize against disease. The microbes that are the cause of infectious disease are usually the ultimate source of vaccines.
  • Biotechnology Microbiology makes a significant contribution to biotechnology, an area of science that applies microbial genetics to biological processes for the production of useful substances. Microorganisms play a central role in recombination DNA technology and genetic engineering. Important tools of biotechnology are microbial cells, microbial genes, and microbial enzymes.

Life Material Technologies Limited (LIFE) has developed proprietary technology to enhance surface cleanliness, in combination with good hygiene practices. LIFE’s technology is built around incorporating antimicrobial ingredients into materials such as plastics, coatings, ceramics, paper and textiles fibers, to make products made from such materials antimicrobial for the lifetime of the products.

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