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LIFE is a materials technology company that has developed a portfolio of smart materials with applications in many industries.

The company’s core activity is development and production of antimicrobial additives and treatments used by manufacturers of plastics, coatings, ceramics, textile fibers,  and paper.

Materials that incorporate LIFE’s antimicrobial additives will inhibit the growth of bacteria, fungi, algae, and other micro-organisms that come in contact with the material surfaces.

Because the antimicrobial additives are durably incorporated into the materials, the antimicrobial effect lasts for the useful life of the treated materials. Many leading manufacturers and brands use LIFE’s antimicrobial additives and treatments to:

  • Enhance consumer and industrial product surfaces by durably incorporating antimicrobial product protection.
  • Protect building product surfaces by preventing staining and premature degradation from mold and mildew.
  • Keep food handling areas cleaner by preventing microbial growth between cleanings.
  • Prevent the growth of odor causing microorganisms to keep bedding and carpeting cleaner, fresher.
  • Enhance the cleanliness of hospital and medical surfaces between cleanings.

Antimicrobial Additives

LIFE offers brands and manufacturers cutting-edge antimicrobial technology solutions to tackle the growth of unwanted micro-organisms on consumer, commercial and industrial product surfaces keeping products cleaner and extending product useful life. Following are some of the most important applications for LIFE’s antimicrobial additives.

Prevent deterioration and staining of building products
Reduce bacterial odors in textiles
Keep food handling areas cleaner with antimicrobial product protection
Keep bedding and carpeting fresher
Enhance the cleanliness of medical surfaces between cleanings
Peace of mind for consumers and commercial buyers in many industries

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