Partnering with LIFE Offers Advantages and Flexibility

LIFE understands that our success depends on the success of our customers. That’s why we offer solutions, not just additives; partnership not just sales. Our innovative antimicrobial solutions are tailored to our partners’ specific needs. Strategic investment in the LIFE technology and marketing concepts helps to generate sustainable competitive advantage by differentiating your products from the competition.

Establishing a LIFE partnership involves a few simple steps:

  • If appropriate, sign a mutual confidentiality agreement.
  • Identify which products and territories the LIFE license should cover, and what the cost parameters are.
  • If appropriate, sign a mutual confidentiality agreement.
  • Conduct trials and other technical development work to ensure desired efficacy and that there is no adverse effect on physical properties.
  • Execute brand licensing and additive supply agreement.
  • Develop a launch plan with marketing and regulatory guidance on packaging, advertising and claims.

Of course, if a straight buy-and-sell relationship is more advantageous for the customer, then that is what the customer, then we are also flexible.

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