Prevent deterioration and staining of building products

LIFE‘s advanced antimicrobial technologies are designed to protect building products from the staining and premature product degradation caused by the growth of destructive microbes on the coated surfaces.

LIFE provides antimicrobial additives that can be incorporated into many coating formulations and end products, such as:

  • Water-based antimicrobial coatings: indoor and outdoor acrylic paints
  • Solvent-based PU coatings: flooring, coated textiles
  • Powder coatings: refrigerator linings
  • UV-cured coatings: plastic coatings, signage
  • Coil coatings: cleanroom paneling, roofing, air conditioning ducting

The incorporation of LIFE technologies into surface coatings can offer long-term surface protection from the growth of microorganisms without affecting stability, optical clarity, gloss, color, or other physical properties of the building material.

Ceramic and Stone

LIFE‘s antimicrobial additives can be incorporated into ceramic glazing, cement-based products such as tile grout and paving tiles, and engineered stone. LIFE‘s durable technology can, therefore, contribute to cleaner tiles and toilets, cleaner and more hygienic stone countertops, and grout and cement tiles free from premature deterioration and staining.

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