Marketing Support and Co-Branding

Brand Story

The LIFE co-brand has been developed specifically to communicate the benefits delivered by the LIFE technology:

  • Lasts for the useful LIFE of the treated surfaces
  • Stops the growth of microscopic LIFE forms
  • Helps improve conditions for human LIFE

LIFE has brand positioning as a natural, environmentally friendly and user-friendly antimicrobial technology. The LIFE logo uses water sparkles to express its clean, fresh, pure properties.

Marketing Support

Our marketing support services help LIFE‘s partners capture the full marketing value of the LIFE technology. We look at opportunities to help our partners increase purchase intent, market share, prices and distribution for their products using LIFE technology.

LIFE offers to its partners the use of the LIFE co-brand in the marketing of their products. The LIFE co-brand signifies to end customers the use of durable, built-in smart technology to promote hygiene and health. For partners who wish to take advantage of a proven co-brand strategy, LIFE offers assistance and support to integrate the use of the LIFE trademark into the company’s products and marketing materials.

LIFE works closely with each partner’s marketing team to develop effective product claims. In addition to unlocking the marketing potential of the material technology, claims must also be in compliance with local regulatory requirements and be substantiated by results from rigorous product testing at reputable independent laboratories.

Additional marketing support includes:

  • Development of public relations strategies
  • Conceptual input for advertising campaigns
  • Design of packaging and point-of-sale materials
  • Training of the partner’s sales team and product consultants
  • Joint advertisement

Using Technology in the Market

In a fast changing business world, manufacturers are being forced to employ more active marketing and branding strategies to meet consumer needs. LIFE can deliver innovative material technologies that can give a product an edge in a competitive market to:

  • Open up growth opportunities in new products, channels and markets
  • Differentiate products from competitors’ products
  • Help secure additional distribution
  • Increase price and margin
  • Protect against low-cost imports
  • Make products worth purchasing
  • Build brand equity

” Co-branding with LIFE creates a win-win strategy

with end-products manufacturers “

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