End User Applications for Odor Absorption

LIFE also offers the technology that can be added into solid materials to eliminate unwanted odor. The technology physically absorbs odor-source molecules, and its incorporation into polymer structures can result in entrapping and rendering inoffensive odor and taste compounds that may have been generated from polymer oxidation, migration of external contaminants, or dissolution of additives.

A major concern regarding paint and coatings is the release of volatile organic compounds (VOC) that can be hazardous to humans and to the environment. LIFE odor absorption technology can trap VOC in the polymer matrix to permanently stop microbes from entering the environment. The LIFE technology works 24/7 to minimize unpleasant odors.

Companies that license LIFE’s odor absorption technology and purchase LIFE’s odor absorption additives get various product benefits, including:

End Use Applications for anti odor

Odor control in refrigerators and other food storage areas.

End Use Applications for anti odor

Reduction of smell in clothing, home textiles and furniture

End Use Applications for anti odor

Reduction of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) released into home or work environments from paints and coatings.

End Use Applications for anti odor

Absorption of smell from cigarette smoking in public areas.

Testing for Odor Absorption Efficacy

LIFE odor absorption capacity can be measured using a probe molecule with a gas chromatograph (GC). To date, there is no analytical device that can reproduce the results of nasal or taste panel testing. In reality, the total headspace count at higher GC evaluation temperatures could actually increase when LIFE additives are integrated, while the polymer has considerably lower odor or taste levels in organoleptic panel tests.

LIFE provides a broad portfolio of adsorbent products to meet the requirements of our customers. Our understanding of product applications and our far-reaching expertise enable us to offer intelligent solutions for the complicated manufacturing problems.

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